High Density Energy Storage System

With a high energy density lithium iron phosphate battery, the single-capacity large-scale energy storage system independently developed by TMR can reach a capacity up to 2.3MWh.Appling the flexible modular design, the energy storage system is packaged in a 40-foot standard container with advanced functions such as battery group management, balanced charge and discharge, and self-sleep. Our system can provide customers with a variety of battery capacity solutions.

Each energy storage unit is equipped with a complete communication and remote monitoring system, an efficient cooling system, a power conversion system and a safety monitoring system, enabling rapid installation and deployment.

Communication Base Station Backup Power

TMR Communication Base station meets the installation standard of 19-inch communication cabinet. Modular product designed multiple battery packs can be used in parallel to provide operators a variety of battery capacity solutions.

Long life, built-in BMS has multiple protection and communication functions, which effectively reduce the operating cost. Under the conditions of 80% DOD discharge depth and 80% SOC remaining capacity, the battery pack's cycle life exceeds 3,500 times.

Full Electric Energy Storage System for Ship

TMR all-electric power and energy storage systems for ships can effectively help inland freight and sightseeing ships reduce operating costs while eliminate environmental pollution and noise.

The battery system reaches the protection level above IP67, which effectively avoid the safety risks caused by water vapor, salt spray and dust, and ensures the safety of use as much as possible.

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