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Japan Pack R&D Center

Jointed with Senergy, TMR established global Pack & BMS R&D Center in 2000 in Yokohama with 30 rich experienced engineers. The lab is focus on the development of Pack & BMS modules design, raw material upgrading, cell performance, and testing technologies.

The production management meets ISO safety standards.

Rigorous TQM quality management system, including material selection, production process, workshop safety and standardization and other key projects, to ensure product quality

Perfect MIS traceability system, recording the production data of each cell in detail, realizing fine production.

Precise Production Management System

Advanced automatic production system

Outstanding performance of our cells comes from advanced automatic production system, such as fully closed material feeding system, PNT coating system, Naknor roller system, and Nishimura slitting system.

Equipped with Korean SNF18650 fully automatic assembly line to ensure the high product performance consistency . The system is designed capability is 200 PPM, which is at the top-class globally.

Fully automatic module PACK lines: combined with KUKA robots to conduct the filtering, welding, testing jobs. The robots can produce 160 modules per hour at maximum capacity.

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