TMR Obtains ISO9001:2015 Standard


TMR passed quality certification audit and is certificated Quality Management System Certification for Lithium battery and battery pack design and production (ISO9001:2015 standard), reflecting the strict process control management ability, such as: quality control and professional design, in the core business sector of TMR.  

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As a leading green energy solution provider, Jiangsu TMR Energy Technology Co. Ltd is committed to offer the innovative and cost-efficient lithium batteries and battery packs to global customers.


TMR sets up an intelligent production center covered 2,000 square meters at XuZhou of Jiangsu Province, the Maximum production capacity of the plant is 1G watt-hour per year. TMR is distinguished though the diverse and cost-efficient power solutions, including: high energy dense 18650 lithium cell, battery pack for E-bike and cordless electronic consumer goods, house hold energy storage, energy storage container, and communication base station backup power supply system.


ISO9001 certification is a high-standard quality management system and only quality assurance recognized by international organizations. As a leading provider of clean energy solutions, tomorrow new energy will continue to deliver innovative high-performance lithium batteries and battery modules to its customers with the strong global R&D capability and intelligent manufacturing technology.

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